Report Abuse

Report Sexual Abuse Crimes

If you are in immediate danger or want urgent help contact your local police.

If you are visiting this page, you are clearly concerned about something that may have happened to you or others you know. SISHA seeks to suppress the exploitation of men, women and children by investigating crimes against the people. You can report any instance of abuse, exploitation or harmful material to us here at SISHA and our investigation team will investigate the information with the utmost professionalism. Please try to provide as much detail about the abuse as possible so that SISHA investigators can take action.
SISHA will liaise with local and international policing bodies at all times and may be required to provide your details and the information you have provided to policing officials. SISHA will ensure that your identity and the information you provide will always be kept confidential and not provided to any un-authorised parties.
You are doing the right thing! By taking this action and reporting abuse, you are taking the first steps to helping yourself and helping others.