SISHA’s number one priority is protecting the welfare and providing ongoing support to all rescued clients after they are removed from environments of exploitation. SISHA’s “Victim First” policies and procedures are firmly guided by the “Do No Harm Principle” and adhere to the United Nations ethical standards for counter trafficking.

Immediately after rescue, SISHA’s Aftercare staff ensure that clients are provided with round-the-clock support that includes meals and snacks, bedding, trauma counselling and SISHA Aftercare Packs consisting of basic necessities such as clothing, shoes, toiletries, towels and toys for children. The entertainment and social life of adults are supported by donations of TVs and mobile devices. This way, they can connect with the online social network, stay informed with the latest news, and have fun by playing online games. For this purpose, we teamed up with the RealPoker-news agency that will reward them with a sign-up round of no deposit poker bonuses to help them became real connoisseurs of the game itself.

After conducting a needs assessment in cooperation with relevant government officials, SISHA’s Aftercare team ensures that clients are placed in pre-approved aftercare shelters or are reunited with their families. It is paramount that a client receives the highest quality medical and psychological treatment, counselling and support services to ensure that trauma is minimised and treated. It is also essential that clients receive either formal education or vocational training so that they are able to support themselves after community reintegration.

SISHA works closely with several local shelters and only places rescued victims in aftercare facilities which have high treatment standards and quality services for victims. After a victim is placed in a shelter, SISHA Aftercare staff continues to conduct regular follow-up to ensure an ongoing relationship and to provide continual support and counselling. Because a strong bond is often forged between the victim and SISHA Aftercare staff at the time of rescue, ongoing support from SISHA staff provides the victims with a sense of safety and consistency as they recover from trauma and start to rebuild their lives.