Crisis Support Centre

SISHA – Projects: Crisis Support Centre

SISHA has designed Cambodia’s first ever one-stop operational support centre for victims of gender-based violence and sexual assault. The innovative new centre will provide an international standard of integrated legal, investigative, health and victim support services in a single facility for any child, woman or man who has been subjected to sexual assault or gender-based violence.

The centre will also minimize trauma from sexual assault and gender-based crime, giving victims a safe and secure outlet to report crimes and receive adequate attention for the injuries they have suffered. The centre will offer a level of service and support that is both unparalleled and long overdue in Cambodia.

This project will strengthen the capacity of the Cambodian National Police officers, the judiciary and lawyers to interact with victims of sexual assault and GBV, and to effectively and efficiently prosecute offenders of these crimes.

Key Aspects of the Centre:

  • Appropriate medical facilities staffed with specially trained medical personnel for medical examinations
  • Case officer present during medical examination and police interviews, ensuring crucial victim support
  • DNA and forensic medical evidence collected from victim
  • Medical certificate issued in accordance with Cambodian laws and procedures to be admitted to court during subsequent legal proceedings
  • Video and audio interview rooms to record victim-friendly interviews
  • Interview copy provided to police in both CD and a hard copy transcript for use in legal proceedings
  • Access to non-prejudicial representation during the judicial process and liaison with prosecutors and the courts provided
  • Long-term aftercare placement available for all victims

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