The overarching goal of SISHA’s Investigative work is to strengthen and reinforce local criminal justice systems to provide a credible deterrent to human trafficking and other forms of exploitation.

SISHA’s team of professional Investigators:

  • Conducts both proactive and reactive investigations into human trafficking, bonded labour, sexual assault, paedophilia and other forms of exploitation of children, women and men.
  • Cooperates with local police to plan and execute raids on establishments that are identified as engaging in illegal activity related to human trafficking, sexual exploitation and bonded labour.
  • Assists local police in rescuing men, women and children from human trafficking, exploitation and bonded labour.
  • Assists local police in prosecuting offenders of human trafficking, exploitation, bonded labour, rape and sexual assault.
  • Works with international law enforcement officials to investigate foreign offenders and transnational crimes relating to the exploitation of persons.